Digitization and Preservation

Some elements that I consider important for making a website attractive and functional include accessibility which allows scholars to utilize highly sensitive  documents that may be fragile by nature, more easily to browse through and discover lesser known sources such as in the cases of Library of Congress and the University of Michigan’s Making of America digitalized archives. Likewise, it is just as important for websites to be easy to maneuver through weather using key world sources that enable greater depth in searches and more using friendly mechanics which are illustrated by numerous collection including the Franklin D. Roosevelt presidential library collection, the Thomas Jefferson Collection, and Jstore. These examples also demonstrate how important it is to be able to manipulate images and text on a website are. Allowing the ability to enlarge them fosters a greater ability to examine them. In addition, text that can be read with adaptive technologies allows for accessibility and maneuverability for those who have difficulty in using analog sources or maneuvering around on websites that do not allow for adaptive technology to help them. As far as images are concerned it is important to make sure that they are in a Jpet form for quicker download. Similarly, the incorporation of links is another major component that eases navigation like in the Atomic Veteran’s project.


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