Week 9

Podcasting can be used to extend a public history audience by not only making it accessible through radio or online, or by essentially bringing these topics and artifacts to people unable to physically travel to the institution, but also by emerging and building the podcast around participation through comments and questions such as the podcast George Washington’s Wallet by Colonial Williamsburg which does exactly that. The specific podcast’s topic is centered on the question of How did the colonists pay for things without standard currency? Another way in which a podcast can extend a public history audience is through creating and maintaining a balance between a topic in terms of a local community and a global basis, connecting an obscure topic with either a figure Such as Washington which would allow the Listeners to contextualize the topic with something familiar to them. Podcast also can extend a public history audience using a specific narrative such as the Smithsonian’s podcast History explore podcast: Underwater Archaeology which incorporates experts personal experience to help illustrate its narrative. Both podcast are structed in a way that allows more conversation between the host and a guest/expert rant than an authoritarian lecture. This conversational structure would extend a public history audience because it is a more natural dialogue that does not alienate it listeners in the way an authoritarian lecture with someone talking at you in way the perhaps you might not understand or had the patience or interest.


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